Dr Shalini Mehta

About Shalini Mehta

I have 28 years of rich experience as a seasoned astrologer and Vastu Consultant. I have combined ancient wisdom with a scientific background to offer a unique and transformative service. My journey began in the realm of cell biology, where I developed my analytical mind. At first, I was skeptical, but my path led me to a profound belief in the interconnectedness of science and spirituality. On this website, you will learn about who we help, what we do, our philosophy and my personal story.

Who we help:

We help Individuals Seeking Astrological Guidance, People Interested in Vastu Consultations, Spiritual and Ritual Enthusiasts, Wellness and Holistic Health Seekers, Yoga and Meditation Enthusiasts, and Life Coaching Clients.

What we do:

We help these people with Astrological Consultation, Vastu Service, Karmakanda Rituals and Guidance, Yoga and Meditation Instruction, Life Coaching and Counseling, Nature Cure and Wellness Advice, Mental Health Support, Educational Workshops and Training. We do this through our training programs: Designing fortune Revolution and Courses. Our programs aim to improve the quality of skills and maximize: skillset, will power, and happiness.

Our philosophy

We follow a philosophy built on eight core principles:

1. Integration of Ancient Wisdom

2. Personalized and Holistic Approach

3. Spiritual and Scientific Harmony

4. Empowerment thr. Knowledge and Practice

5. Holistic Health and Well-being

6. Spiritual Growth and Cultural Connection

7. Mind-Body-Spirit Balance

8. Continuous Learning and Adaptation

My Story

My name is dr. Shalini Metha ,It begins with your great-grandfather, a devout Sanatani, who, along with his wife, was the sole survivor of a family tragedy. My great-grandfather was known for his relentless quest, always carrying with him a pen, transistor, notebook, and diary. He spent his days meditating in the wilderness of jungles, driven by an enigmatic purpose that remains a fascinating mystery in my family.

I was always in awe and woderment, when he was around at our house for his short stays outside the jungles of himalyas. After completing my academic studies, I delved into the realms of astrology and vastu, carrying forward the legacy of exploration and learning. My journey didn’t stop there; I mastered Yoga and Meditation with great masters and also got post-graduation in meditation and yog in addition I plunged myself in study of mind and hipnotherapy and international certification in Hipnotherapy, Regretion, Past life Therapy, Graphotherapy and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Additionally, I have acquired significant knowledge of karamkand, tantra, all the five systems of astrology and vastu. This journey reflects not just a pursuit of knowledge but also a deeper connection to my great-grandfather’s legacy. His dedication to his research and the preservation of his experiences in his notebook and photographs have been a source of inspiration for me. Today, I stand as an accomplished astrologer and vastu consultant, utilizing my extensive knowledge to help others.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is via email – dr.shalinimehta@gmail.com

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