What is Vaastu? Is Vaastu applicable to all? Vaastu related Questions Answered


What is Vaastu?

Vaastu is basically a science of ‘space’ based on the scientific rules of gravity, solar energy, and magnetism. The impact of these three energies is so profound that improvising/ taking care of forces or manipulating these energies can give us almost anything we desire.

Such deep is its effects that we have a whole branch of shastra called ‘Vaastu’ dedicated to studying it and its impact on our day-to-day life.

Its effects can be deeply felt in all the important areas of life like health, relationships, marriage, career, etc. The imbalance of the five elements can deeply impact all these areas and cause challenges related to these. If the balance of the panch- mahabhootas, or five elements is restored according to the principles of Vaastu then the sky is the limit for the achievement of human potential.

Is Vaastu applicable to all?

Yes, Vaastu is applicable to all the people irrespective of the caste or creed or where they are residing. It is based on laws of science and mathematics and not on personal beliefs of any individual or group of people or hypotheses created by anyone recently. It is an ancient shastra, tested again and again over millions of years and it has nothing to do with religion like any other branch of science. Hence, it is universally applicable to each and every-one and will give 100% results in whichever part of the world it is practiced in.

Are all houses in front of T function considered bad?

Houses falling of T function can give results according to the direction where T is following. According to the basic principles of Vaastu, South and West zones should not be excluded or cut and East/North zones can be extended. Hence, if a T falls on the Northeast or North-East zones, it is considered very auspicious and if it is falling in the South/West directions, then definitely very inauspicious results can occur. Therefore, we cannot blandly say or predict bad results for the residents of houses falling on T functions. People are affected by many more criteria than only the ‘T’ function, and it is a fault that can be corrected.

Why NE of the house is auspicious?

Every zone has its own personal attributes which are very essential for balanced human growth. So, each and every zone is important and auspicious according to its traits/ruling planets/deities. Sunrises from the east, it is a universal truth, hence there will be more sunlight in the eastern and Northeastern zone. Therefore houses/ business houses where Northeast is clean and gets a lot of light from the Sun, then due to health benefits accused because of sunlight residents will have strong bones due to good amount of Vitamin D, they will be less prone to depression and have excellent immunity. Due to sunlight, the NE area is most healthy and sanitized, hence it is considered auspicious.

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