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Shalini Best Astroger

Shalini Mehta

Astrologer and Vaastu Consultant

I am the Founder and CEO of Atomic to Cosmic Life Design Signature System. Also, the Director of Sai Kiran Institute of Vedic Sciences Pvt. Ltd. My fields of expertise are Astrology, Vaastu, writing analysis and Mind Programming.


Dr. Santosh Kumar Jha

Vedas Specialist

He is an expert in Sanskrit, having done his Ph.D. in Shakulyajurveda, also had done B. ed, M. ed, M. Phil, and presently is an assistant professor at a private college.


Dr. RC Mehta

Spinal, Stress Expert

He is an expert in acupuncture, naturopath, a renowned practitioner of Yoga and Naturopathy, an expert in stress and spinal treatment, and has treated lakhs of people in his career of 20 years.


Neeta Khullar

Accurpressure, Diet Coach

She is an expert in Yoga, Nature cure, Acupressure, laughter therapy.


Acharya Anil Mudgal

Yoga Specialist

He is a renowned Yoga teacher and has a global following on Facebook and Youtube, and he speaks about yoga in many colleges and takes online classes in yoga.


Dr. Urvi Pandey

Ayurved Practitioners

She is a renowned Ayurved Practioner. She is M.D., M.H.A, B.A.M.S, C.F.N, C.P.K. Also, she is a Panchkarma Expert.


Dr. Mayank Pandey

Ayurveda Expert

He is a renowned Ayurveda expert. He has started several ayurnidanam clinics. He has a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of ayurvedic medicine and surgery, and he has treated thousands of patients with many severe disorders. He is a Merma therapy expert and also is able to diagnose diseases with the help of Nadi.

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